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Remote photoshoots: now with screen share and online chat

I love get the clients involved in my photoshoots! After all, the photos are all about you and your brand. It's so important to get it right so that you can proudly use your photos in the most effective way possible. Remote photoshoots have always missed that extra step that allows me to really get close to a brand and figure out what really works for them. So I needed a solution and here it is!

I now use a screen share tool called Join.me on all my remote photoshoots that allows clients to see my computer screen where all images are synced in real time, straight from the camera, as I'm shooting. Clients are sent a web link by email at the beginning of the shoot that allows them to access this tool on any computer, tablet or phone. There is also an online chat and voice call feature that allows us to message or talk to each other so that we can bounce ideas and give instant feedback.

It's just like you're in the studio with me minus the flashing lights!

"The screen share option has been immensely helpful and a must for anyone sending items across as it's really hard to know what you do and don't like until you see it in situ. What you think looks good on paper sometimes doesn't on camera!"

- Alexa Tait, Tait & Thistle

You would be able to see something like this.

For any questions about remote photoshoots or other please get in touch :)

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