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Product Photography Tip 01/07

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

This is a blog series where I share my most useful Product Photography tips. These tips will help you take better photos of your products whether you work from your studio, home office or kitchen table. Visit the blog every Tuesday to see a new tip. There are 7 in total and you can see all published tips under the category ‘Product Photography Tips’.

Use foam board to bounce light

A piece of white card or white foam board goes a long way when photographing products. Place it on the opposite side of the light source (lamp or window, etc) to bounce the light around the shaded part of the product. This will instantly brighten up any shadows or dark areas. The piece of card/board can be any size but you may need a large piece for larger items. Foam board is great for this because it's sturdy.

Top tip: Play around with positioning the card/board at various angles and distance from the product and see how it affects the way it’s lit. Once you like what you see, snap!

Did you give it a go? I’d love to see what you’ve done with this week’s tip.

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