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Product Photography Tip 05/07

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

This is a blog series where I share my most useful Product Photography tips. These tips will help you take better photos of your products whether you work from your studio, home office or kitchen table. Visit the blog every Tuesday to see a new tip. There are 7 in total and you can see all published tips under the category ‘Product Photography Tips’.

Give your photos a sense of scale

Seeing a product in a photo is not the same as seeing it in real life. It's difficult to show what a product feels like but it is possible to show how big it is. Remember the coin trick? Place a coin next to the product to show how big it is by allowing you to compare it to something familiar that is always the same size. The same principle is used by many photographers and online retailers except a coin may sometimes be too small or look out of context next to the product. That's when we have to be more creative! Using props is a great way to show scale but try not to use props just for the sake of it! Plants and foliage is great for showing scale but choose them carefully as some plants can be difficult to work out how big they are in the photo. Another option is using everyday objects such as paper clips, cutlery, pens, furniture for large scale or even your own hands!

Top tip: Whatever prop you use to show scale, make sure it compliments the product and not overpower it.

Did you give it a go? I’d love to see what you’ve done with this week’s tip.

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