9 Sep 2018

I love get the clients involved in my photoshoots. This screen share tool it's just like you're in the studio with me, minus the flashing lights!

25 Jul 2017

Playing with shapes with monochrome mamma Black and Beech in our recent jewellery photoshoot was so much fun. All hail geometry!

13 Jul 2017

Putting the spotlight on a beautiful shop here in Cardiff that is filled with unique homewares and promises to grab any design lover's attention.

20 Apr 2017

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A product photographer's quick demonstration on how to make your own backdrop for studio photography.

4 Nov 2016

Latest images from a photoshoot at Alexis Nugent Ceramics studio in Printhaus, Cardiff.

14 Sep 2016

Latest photoshoot with Emma-Kate Jewellery set up in Castle Arcade, Cardiff. Featuring the beautiful model Victoria Ember.

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